Ad Artem International


Ad Artem Pharma concentrates its efforts above all on the business development and on new products launch, while the outsourcing is used in other fields (for example logistics and distribution: products are distributed from the Main Warehouse to the most important 70 Italian wholesalers).
To build a portfolio made of strong products in certain therapeutic areas, with a reliable brand and a bigger technological and therapeutical efficacy. The real richness of A.A. Pharma are the property of brands, patents and formulations.

Launch of products in Italy and abroad in selected therapeutic areas (Europe, Arabic speaking countries, Far East).
Formulations with high scientific level, with therapeutic effects demonstrated in therapeutic areas where more effective formulations (compared to the previous ones) are needed and in market segments with a high quantity of potential patients.
Partnerships and Joint-Ventures with international companies to co-operate with in the scientific research and in the trading of innovative formulas.

A.A.Pharma concentrates mostly on therapeutic segments and niches where companies of our size can count on well defined competitive advantages with clear goals in terms of medical coverage: gynecology, internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, plastic/cosmetic surgery, vascular surgery.
A.A.Pharma uses outsourcing in research (co-operation with well-known Italian Universities) in production (3 production sites based in Italy) with high technology and expertise. They guarantee the Quality and Security standards as requested both in Europe and abroad.
A.A.Pharma builds continuously a portfolio of solid products in selected therapeutic areas, supported by a strong brand and a high therapeutic efficacy.

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